From the Desk of Vice Chancellor

I have joined the West Bengal State University . I am delighted as well as excited to take up this new responsibility of heading one of the fastest growing universities in our state.

The name of the West Bengal State University is associated with the state of West Bengal which has played and continues to play a ground breaking role in the development of modern education system in India.

Set in the outskirts of the busy city of Kolkata, our university has a commitment to the preservation of the environment and to sustainable development.

We pledge to impart holistic education among students. The University provides an environment of equality and multi-culturalism. A large number of students in this university come from marginalized families and many of them are meritorious first generation learners. It will be our aim to help these students so that we can make them self-reliant members of the community.

In imparting education in this university, our outlook is global. We provide a wide range of subjects as courses of study. With the help of my team members who are my colleagues and staff in the university, and the support of members of the higher authority, I hope to fulfill my dream of raising this university to international standards and making it a centre of excellence in study, research and social contribution.